I haven't gotten Abe no mask yet.

Did you get Abe no mask?

I haven't gotten it yet.

It's already cancellation the declaration emergency statement.

Another hand,I got an application of special benefit.

I think that the government send both the mask and application together.It saves potal cost,right?

Japan is not rich,the number of children is decreasing year and year.

The Japan government don't think our tax that we paid small salary.


Do you want to lose weight?

Most of Japanese women want to lose weight more,even skinny women do.


Maybe many magazines pictured skinny models,or many TV shows broad skinny actress.

A lot of women have been gone anorexia for years because of wrong information.

Many japanese can't believe myself alright,nobody couldn't raise up you are the one.

So they believe that it's good everyone is same.


Please be strong you are beautiful now.

Do you be strong quickly?

Today I'd like to talk about immune system.

Covid19 is against only way our immune system.

So we have to be strong against corona virus.


It's very important for sleeping,eating and excercisng well.

So we should go to bed earlier,eating healthy and exercise more than usual.


Speaking eating healthy,it's good for eating smell vegetables a lot.

For example,garlic,onion,chives,reek,japanese herbs...

There are made our immune system strong.


Eat more and stay healthy.


Garlic にんにく

Gynmight ニラ

Perilla しそ

Do you know specific medicines about Corona virus?

Hi,I'm a Japanese dietitian,Naomi.

Nice to meet you!


Recently some doctors feel like working on some medicines about corona virus.

Remdesivir,chloroquine and penciclovir,etc.

I'm glad to hear that.

If I had a corona virus,I can recover by drugs.

I hope somebody find drugs or curing soon.



Do you like juice?

I like juce,but only straight juice,not concentrate juice.

Juice concentrate is where the water content from the fruit has been removed.Juice concentrate is generally frozen and prepared frozen,it's shelf-life is extended dramatically!!

But it's so sour and no smell.So I don't like it.



I recommend this shiny juice,it's straight apple juice!

Aomori prefecture it's famous for apples.

SO it's very tasty!

Try it!


What do you think which is better straight juice or juice concentrate?



Takuya Kimura(木村拓哉) uses Weibo like a twitter in China.

I think he shifts change Japanse fan to Chinese one.

He's smart!

Chinese are many population,so if chinese become fans,his fan will make big soon!

He's smart,right?

His face is not old,he's getting young against his age.

He doesn't change,his popular doesn't change,too.


He's amazing!!

Oops,there is one of his fans...